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Planning a Tibet winter tour is the best way to save money.

Travel to Tibet in Winter

Fall has just flown by, and winter is on the way. Tibet tourism is also entering the slack season. In winter, the number of travelers in Tibet is just a small part of the tourists in the peak tourism season. Therefore, traveling to Tibet in winter can explore the real tranquility of Tibet. In most people’s eyes, Tibetan winter is chilly with thick snows. It is not as vigorous as summer and fall. In fact, Tibet in winter is also attractive and charming. This is the best tour season for travelers to take beautiful photos with fewer travelers and less money.

Tibetan winter starts from November to February, and most of the days are fine and sunny. Because the altitude in Tibet is high and the air is thin, travelers can enjoy the warm sunlight in the daytime. Sometimes, there is no need for tourists to wear long underwear.

Some tourists always hold the false cognition that Tibetan winter is bare, windy, wild, and sandy, and never travel to Tibet in winter. Here, I’d like to mention those people a fact that a place namely Tibetan Jiangnan – Nyingchi is green for the whole year under the influence of airflow of Yarlung Tsangpo River; a lake namely Pagsum is more clear and quiet; a forest namely Lulang is more attractive and stunning.

When mentioned lakes in Tibet, a great number of travelers must remind of the two holy lakes, Namtso Lake and Yamdrok Lake. Having a tour in Namtso Lake in winter, you must be stunned by the beauty and holiness of this “Mirror of the Land”. The scenery in Yamdrok Lake also has a unique style in winter. A half ice and a half water reflect the blue sky, white snow-capped mountains on the surface, what a fairyland on earth.

Besides those magnificent attractions in Tibet, you can also have a chance to unveil the myth of some famous mountains such as Namcha Barwa, Tanggula Mountains, and Mt Everest. In summer, it is impossible to witness the grandeur of Namcha Barwa due to the heavy clouds. While in winter, thanks to the cloudless sky, the beauty of Namcha Barwa can be witnessed luckily. When it appears in your eyes, you will understand the reason why it is crown as the most beautiful mountain.

What’s more, Yangbajain hot spring is the best place to go in winter. It is too hot for travelers to have a hot spring bath in summer. While winter is the best time to enjoy this natural resource.

In the case of the entrance fare, it is cheaper than the peak season, some even free. You have no need to worry about the Tibetan train ticket, no need to worry about the tour in Potala Palace because the number of tourists has decreased a lot. You can have the best experience in Tibet. Having a sunbath in Lhasa street, wandering along Barkhor Street, enjoying a cup of Tibetan in a local tea house, how leisure it is!

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