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You can save a lot of money when planning a Tibet winter tour.

Mistakes for Tibet Tour

With splendid natural scenery and unique cultures and customs, Tibet is a hot tourist destination for international travelers. While as a politically sensitive region in China, planning a tour in Tibet is not as easy as other trips. Here are several mistakes always happened on our customers.

Don’t Have Enough Time to Apply for the Permits in Tibet

Issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, Tibet Travel Permit is the primary permit which a foreigner must get before entering the border in Tibet. But this permit can only be applied by a local Tibet tour company. You must ask a professional tour company for help. Due to the lack of information about the application of Tibet Travel Permit, some foreigners fail to apply for this permit due to the short date. Normally, it takes the agency twelve days to apply for Tibet Travel Permit. And some extra personal documents such as Chinese visa and passport are required when the agency help you apply for this permit. Beside Tibet Travel Permit, you are required to hold some extra permits such as Alien Travel Permit and the Military Permit. If you travel to Tibet from Nepal, you must hold China Group Visa. All these permits can only be applied by your travel agency. Therefore, you should contact your agency in advance, nearly one month early. Make sure that you have enough time to apply for the permits needed in Tibet.

Traveling to Tibet on Your Own Instead of Joining a Tibet Tour Group

Whether can foreigners plan a solo Tibet tour has sparked a hot debate among tourists. The answer is definitely not. According to Chinese law, all international travelers must find a local tour agency, and accompanied by a local tour guide when traveling to Tibet. It is not allowed to travel to Tibet on your own. The agency can arrange tour packages, itinerary, tour guide, vehicle, etc for you, even tailor-made your tour in Tibet. Joining a tour group has become the most popular choice for most travelers. They can save money and make new friends when traveling.

Ignore the Influence of the High Altitude Sickness

The biggest concern when traveling to Tibet is the high altitude sickness. Altitude sickness is common. Main symptoms are a headache, nausea fatigue, insomnia, and panting. Most travelers will feel fine in a few days later after arrival. But patients of serious cardiovascular disease or immune system disorders, as well as those who catch a cold are not recommended to take a tour in Tibet. You need to take some medicines to prevent the high altitude before traveling to Tibet. And you need to keep a good mood.

Winter is Not the Right Time to Plan a Tibet Tour

To most travelers, the best time to travel to Tibet is from April to October. The weather is fine and comfortable, and the scenery is attractive. While winter is also a good season for you to go. The weather, especially in Lhasa is warm and comfortable. You can also enjoy a big discount on most scenic spots when traveling to Tibet in winter.

Tibet Train, Train to Tibet, Tibet Railway > Blog > Mistakes for Tibet Tour

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