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Ways to Lhasa from New Delhi

Isolated by the grand Himalaya Mountains, Tibet and India are two hot tourist destination for tourist from home and abroad. while how can travelers travel to Tibet from India? What is the best way to get to Lhasa from New Delhi? In order to help you know more about how to get to Tibet from India, I’d like to display several ways to Lhasa from New Delhi.

Flights to Lhasa from New Delhi

At present, there are five airports in Tibet, including Lhasa Gonngar International Airport, Nyingchi Mainling Airport, Qamdo Bangda Airport, Ngari Gunsa Airport, and Shigatse Peace Airport. While none of the airports provided the direct flight to New Delhi, which means there is no direct flight flying from India to Tibet. Therefore, if a traveler wants to fly to Lhasa from New Delhi, they must transfer another flight in China or Nepal.

China is the main gateway for travelers to enter Tibet. And some major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Hong Kong provide a direct flight to New Delhi. Thus, travelers can take the direct flight from New Delhi to Lhasa. There are two kinds of flights which are available to travelers. The first is the non-stop flight which takes travelers several hours. The second flight is the one-stop flight which takes travelers more than twenty hours. After the arrival in those Chinese cities, you have to transfer another direct flight to Lhasa. Among the five cities in China, Chengdu Airport provides the most.

Another gateway is Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal. There is one direct flight flying from New Delhi to Lhasa. It takes travelers 1 hour 45 minutes to arrive in Kathmandu. After your arrival in Kathmandu, you can transfer another direct flight flying to Lhasa. At present, there are several direct flights flying from Kathmandu to Lhasa. Those flights operated by Air China, Tibet Airlines, and Sichuan Airlines takes travelers about two hours to arrive in Lhasa.

Take a Train to Lhasa

Nowadays, there is no direct train heading to Lhasa from New Delhi. If you want to take a train to Lhasa, you must fly to China firstly, then take the direct train to Lhasa. Because only in some major Chinese cities such as Xi’an, Shanghai, Xining, Chengdu, Beijing, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, and Chongqing. In the future, you can take the direct train in Kathmandu because, in the coming years, the Qinghai Tibet Railway will be extended to Kathmandu.

Taking the train to Lhasa has become the main choice for most travelers. There are three main reasons. The first reason is that the scenery along the railway is unique and attractive. You can enjoy lots of famous attractions in the Tibetan plateau. The second reason is that it is the best way to adapt to high altitude. The third reason is that it can save some money compared with taking a flight to Lhasa. But you must book the train ticket in advance, especially in the peak tourist season.