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Best Tibet Tour Time

Tibet is an attractive place where allures thousands of photographers, and tourists in the world. All the elements in Tibet have the unique plateau features, unlike other places. Because of the high altitude, the air is thinner, the sky is bluer, the temperature is lower, the sunlight is stronger than other areas. Climate plays an important role in Tibetan tourism. From May to October is the peak tourism season, and the weather is warm and comfortable. During this time, lots of travelers will plan a tour in Tibet. From November to April is the slack tourism season, and the temperature is low. Here are some details about Tibet weather and recommended places in four seasons.

Tibetan Spring

Spring is a lively season for most areas on the planet, except the Tibetan plateau. Flowers are blooming, honeybees and butterflies are flying, and trees are growing, and the temperature is increasing. While in Tibet, it is still cold, especially in the early spring. Some highland areas and mountains are not worthy of being recommended to you because there are still some heavy snows. Namtso Lake and Manasarovar Lake are still frozen by the ice. The ice begins to melt when Tibet enters May. The temperature is very low at night, and you may feel warm during the daytime because of the strong sun rays. But because of some political reasons, foreigners are not allowed to travel to Tibet during Tibetan New Year.

Some recommended places in spring:

Nyingchi is a good place to go in spring, the peach blossom is covered here and there. What’s more, the famous Nyingchi Peach Blossom Festival will be held in late March and early April. Lhasa city is also worthy of being visited in spring. Wandering along the Barkhor Street, enjoying a cup of tea in a local tea house, having a sunbath, what a wonderful day!

Tibetan Summer

Summer is the best time for travelers to travel to Tibet. Compared with other seasons, the oxygen content is higher than other months. Although it belongs to the rainy season, the rain always falls at night. When you get up in the next morning, you will see the sun rising from the high mountains. The highest temperature is about twenty degrees, and the lowest temperature is about ten degrees. Summer is also a season for traditional Tibetan festivals, such as Shonton Festival and Nagchu Horse Racing Festival.

Some recommended places in summer:

Namtso Lake, Lhasa city, Shigatse, and Nagchu

Tibetan Autumn

Autumn in Tibet is a beautiful season. It is also the best season to travel to Tibet. Tibet fall like a fairy tale with the golden color. The sky is blue and clean, you can see the peak of snow mountains in a far distance.

Some recommended places in Autumn:

Nyingchi, Ngari Prefecture, Chamdo

Tibetan Winter

Tibet winter is cold, especially in some remote areas. The snow is heavy and the weather is dry. Lhasa is an ideal place for travelers who plan a Tibet winter tour. The weather is warm and the sunlight is strong. The average temperature in the daytime is about ten degrees, while it will drop to zero degrees at night.

Some recommended places in Winter:

Nyingchi, Lhasa

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Nagchu Horse Racing Festival

Summer is a good season for travelers to travel to Tibet. Not only can you enjoy the attractive natural scenery, but also you can have a deep understanding of traditional culture and customs. Because there are lots of important traditional Tibetan festival held in the summer. Taking August as an example, there are five festivals in this months, including Nagqu Horse Racing Festival (Aug.10), Shoton Festival (Aug.10), Drepung Monastery Lhoobhum Festival (Aug.18), Drak Yerpa Monastery Cham Dance Festival (Aug.20), and Damxung Horse Racing Festival (Aug.20). Here, I’d like to introduce the latest one – Nagqu Horse Racing Festival (Aug.10).

Like other nomads around the world, the Tibetans has a special affection for horses. Legend has that the horse was born of the combination of the sacred bird in the heaven and the monkey on the ground. In the north of Tibet, possessing a good horse means a lot to nomads. Like the human beings, the horse also needs honor. Therefore, the Horse Racing Festival can be regarded as the festival for horses.

About Nagqu Horse Racing Festival

As one of the most important festivals in Tibet with huge scale, Nagqu Horse Racing Festival is held in every August with a duration of 5 to 15 days. Horse racing is an important and ancient tradition of continuing the legends of the boundless grassland. The ancient and prestigious Nagchu Horsing Race Festival is an irreplaceable tourist and sightseeing event in northern Tibet. Tourists who choose to travel to Tibet in the summer have no reason to miss this grand visual feast. Nagqu and Amdo are the best two place to experience the lives of Tibetan nomads.

Traditional Features of Nagchu Horse Racing Festival

Generally speaking, Nagchu in August is the busiest and the most beautiful. Therefore, it is no exaggeration for nomads to say that the Nagchu Horse Racing Festival is more important than Tibetan New Year. Before the opening of Nagchu Horse Racing Festival, nomads from remote Tibetan areas come to Nagchu carrying tents, wearing traditional costumes and jewels. The ground around the horse racing is packed with thousands of tents during one night.

Before racing, the pious horse riders will circle around the huge incense platform to show their respect, and receive the blessings from Dalai Lama. With the acclimation and cheer of the audience, the curtain of the fierce horse racing is being revealed.

The length of the races varies differently, most of the races have more than ten kilometers. According to the age of the competitors, there are two kinds of competitors, children, and adults. According to the content of the race, there are several contents such as archery, shooting, the dedication of barleywine, and so on.

Best Tour Time to Nagchu

Nagqu Horse Racing Festival will be held on Aug, 10th, 2018. If you don’t want to miss this grand festival, you’d better get to Tibet in advance. Commonly, the best time for tourists to visit Tibetan grasslands is from May to September. From November to March, the weather in Tibet is dry, windy and cold. May to September is the golden season for grassland tour, warm and mild.