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FAQs about Tibet Train

Since the constructions of Qinghai-Tibet Railway, a lot of travelers are willing to travel to Tibet by train instead of by air. Because of the unique plateau environment, high altitude sickness, oxygen shortage, fragile ecosystem, many travelers are still worried about taking a Tibet train. According to our research, we have collected some frequently asked questions about Tibet train tour. If you still have further questions, you can contact us.

How about Take a Train to Tibet?

Indeed, it takes more hours for travelers to get to Tibet by train, compared with taking a flight to Tibet. But the train tour must be an unforgettable experience because of the beautiful scenery along the railway. Seeing from the window, you must be stunned by the boundless grassland, mirror-like lakes, and running yaks. You cannot have such a wonderful experience on a flight.

How Can I Get to Tibet by Train from Mainlands of China?

Foreigners can travel to Tibet from both Nepal and China. If you want to take a train to Tibet, you can only get to Tibet from China because there is no direct train from Nepal to Tibet. In the future, you may take the direct train to Tibet as a result that the Qinghai-Tibet Railway will be extended. If you travel to Tibet from mainlands of China, you can take the direct train in the following cities like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xining, and Lanzhou. Check the latest information online.

When Should I Book the Train Ticket?

It’s very hard for tourists to book a train ticket because the Tibet train is popular among travelers. You must book your train ticket in advance, at least three or six months, especially in the peak season.

What Kinds of Train Tickets Should I Book?

There are three kinds of train tickets which are available for you. The first kind of train ticket is the soft sleeper berth. The second is the hard sleeper berth. And the third is the hard seat. The soft sleeper berth is the most comfortable one for passengers, but the price of this class is the most expensive. The hard sleeper berth is cheaper than the former one, and it is also comfortable but the room is smaller than the soft one. The hard seat is the cheapest one which is not fit for you. It takes you scores of hours to finish the long journey. If you book the hard seat, you will be very tired because you can only sit on your seat.

How about Seniors if They Take a Train to Tibet?

With the popularity of senior Tibet tours, many seniors choose to travel to Tibet by train. According to the seniors’ physical conditions, we sort out some suggestions for seniors. Firstly, seniors should book the soft or hard sleeper berth because they will feel more exhausted if they take the hard seat. Secondly, you’d better bring some daily items such as towels, tissues, cup, toothbrush, and so on.