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Hard Sleeper on Tibet Train

If you are planning for a Tibet train tour, you must know that there are two classes of cabins in the train – hard sleeper cabin and the soft sleeper cabin. Hard sleepers are the second class, and it’s cheaper than soft sleeper ones. I’ll show you show details about hard sleeper on Tibet train, they’ll be helpful for your choice.

A train only has 2 soft sleeper carriages, but there are 8 to 11 hard sleeper carriages. With 6 berths in each compartment and 11 compartments in each carriage, there are about 480 hard sleeper berths in a Tibet train. With plenty supply, it’s easier to get a hard sleeper berth than get a soft sleeper one.

Although its name is “hard sleeper”, be berth is not hard. Hard sleeper berth offers a thinner mattress than the soft sleeper, but it’s also an ideal choice for budget travelers. Every compartment contains 6 berths, 2 upper berths, 2 middle berths, and 2 lower berths. Compared with the soft sleeper compartment, which only has 4 berths in a compartment, it’s a little more crowded.

Every compartment has a small table for travelers to eat or put things on, it will be shared by all the 6 travelers. You can put your luggage on the luggage rack above the window or put it under the lower berths. For valuable belongs, you’d better take them with you.

There are two toilets in a carriage, they are both squat toilets and you should bring your own toilet papers. Washing basin is available near the toilets, supplying both hot water and cool water. If you want drinking water, both cool and hot one can be found at the left and right ends of the carriage. Drinking water is supplied for free, don’t drink water from the washing basin.

The train is designed to run at high altitude, don’t worry about your safety. Tibet trains are equipped with oxygen system, air conditioner in the carriage will ensure the oxygen content. If you’re suffering altitude sickness, another independent oxygen supply is available.

Because of the breathtaking scenery along Qinghai-Tibet Railway, more and more travelers want to have a Tibet train tour. During high seasons of tourism in Tibet, especially in summer, it’s hard to get a train ticket. If you want to explore mysterious Tibet along the highest railway in the world, you’d better book a tour from a Tibetan travel agency at least one month in advance. The price for the ticket varies from seasons.

Although most travelers and consultants recommend the soft sleeper berth, the hard sleeper on Tibet train is also an ideal choice, especially for budget travelers. The price is cheaper, the supply is adequate, and you can enjoy the same scenery. What’s more, travel in a hard sleeper offers you the opportunity to encounter with locals. You can chat with local people, share stories with them, know more about local culture, and get close to Chinese lifestyle. It’s not only an economical choice but also can add highlights to your Tibet tour.